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Gel Pro/Array Pro

Gel-Pro Analyzer는 분자생물학 연구진을 위해서 특별히 제작된 프로그램입니다. 전기영동 영상의 획득에서부터 세밀한 Lane과 Band의 포착, 빠른 데이터의 산출까지 매우 강력한 기능을 제공합니다. Gel-Pro Analyzer는 DNA, RNA등의 Gel 분석, Dot Blot 분석, 1-D Southern, Northern, Western Blot, Dot & Slot Blots, Quantitative PCR등의 분석을 몇 번의 클릭으로 자동으로 분석할 수 있도록 프로그램 되어 있습니다.



  • Non-destructive annotation overlay
  • User defined color assignment
  • 3D surface plot to aid data interpretation
  • Full support for acquisition of sequences and extraction of frames for analysis
  • Undo buffer
  • Recovery of analysis progress from inadvertent computer power loss
  • Support for GLP/CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance via audit trail and image/file signature


  • Option for non-uniform lane width; individual lanes may be different widths
  • Active lane in profile is outlined boldly both on the image and the profile which aids the user
    when many lanes are displayed
  • Bands
  • Interactive band height sensitivity to aid in proper automatic band finding
  • Define band pattern to achieve better band resolution for closely-spaced, distorted      


  • Bands within rows may be determined by MW or Rf
  • Band extents may be edited via handles on the profile or on the image overlay
  • User may select position for band labels for optimum clarity
  • Correct for misshapen bands to give better resolution

Lane Profile

  • Bands may be indicated by peak position or center of mass
  • Lane bitmap may be displayed under the profile to aid interpretation
  • Bands may be indicated by brackets, dotted lines or cross-hatching
  • Band indicators are arrows to pinpoint band position
  • X and Z scale zooming for close examination
  • Easy cycling and selection of the lanes via the profile dialog display


  • New rolling disk algorithm
  • Option to display image with background subtracted
  • Interactive feedback of results as the methods and parameters are changed to optimize results


  • When bands, lanes or rows are selected, the corresponding elements on the image are outlined boldly
    to aid user interpretation
  • Amount may be determined by the area in the profile under the entire profile or only the area within the
  • Supports multiple calibration curves for a single image
  • The row band graph shows a bar chart of the amounts within a row across each lane
  • Presence/absence may be indicated matched to lane 1 via 0, 1, -1 assignment for easy typing

Molecular Weight

  • Hyperbolic cosecant curve fitting produces more accurate MW calculation for small DNA fragments
    (under 1,000 base pairs) run in polyacrylamide
  • Polynomial slant fit lines may be specified to follow uneven migration more closely and give more
    accurate results
  • Correct for variable well origins


  • User may ask to have missing spots filled in automatically for a regular array
  • An area filter tolerance may be specified to sort out actual spots from background contamination
  • Area Density
  • Free form or auto-trace definition of spots of interest
  • Extensive table of measurements and measurement statistics
  • Colony Counting
  • Full complement of automatic and manual spot finding
  • User may edit, add, split, merge spots
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